WABI Q2 Roadmap Outlook: What's To Come

Posted by TaelPay on 4/23/20 11:40 PM


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The first quarter of 2020 was transformative for WABI and Q2 shows no signs of slowing down. 

Throughout Q1, the focus of our was on driving B2B partnership growth and token adoption whilst continuing our development efforts across our comprehensive technology stack. 


Our development efforts - especially focused around Project X - are bearing fruit and we are immensely excited for the benefits this will bring to our partners and community in the coming months.

The quarter has not started off in the straightforward manner that previous quarters have. A rise in Coronavirus cases has seen much of the world grind to a halt, with shopping habits taking a significant hit. Whilst this has meant postponing a number of upcoming partnership announcements, we are incredibly excited by the possibilities brought forth by a post-corona society and we have no intentions of slowing down. 

The following report will highlight our key objectives and milestones for the coming months, providing you with insights into what our development efforts are based around.

Read the full transcript below, and head to our Telegram if you have any unanswered questions left over!


Launch of ‘Project X ’
  • Expanding the application and use-case of WABI from protected products only, to interactivity with all consumer products.
  • Launch of the consumer analytics and promotion platform to drive marketing & research efforts and extending list of partners. 
  • Integration with 3rd party FMCG products: data integration and analysis.
  • Launch of the ‘User Interface v1.0’ - heterogeneous product data: provenance, ingredients, safety level.
  • Continued blockchain development and performance optimisation to ensure full-fledged transparency across all our integrations. 

To learn more about our development of 'Project X', refer to our recent Q1 Quarterly Review


WeChat Mini-app Improvements
  • Launch of the ‘Recommendation Engine v2’.
  • Streamlining the ‘Zone within a Zone’ concept for an improved user experience when using the Taeltech application. 
Business Development
  • Developing Proof of Concept projects with new Project X partners. We plan to launch several pilots for Project X with existing and new partners to cement Taeltech as the go-to solution for FMCG product authentication, and to further drive project adoption across key partners. 
  • Reaching over 650 SKUs protected by Taeltech and available with WABI points.
  • Further cooperation with medical devices companies as an extension of our license acquisition. Following our announcement with Smilemakers, we have a host of additional partnerships lined up to drive our adoption efforts throughout this category. 
  • Ongoing growth through nurturing of new and existing brand partnerships.

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  • Continued team expansion to further grow business across all functions. Our team has been growing consistently and we are immensely proud of our team growth efforts. 
  • Further WABI Academy initiatives to grow community engagement, including additional quizzes, rewards and initiatives to drive token adoption and awareness.
  • Expanding exchange infrastructure for token holders to facilitate a liquidity network for all our token holders to benefit from. 
  • Regular, exciting community engagement activities, competitions and more - as always! If there is anything specific community initiative you would like to pitch, let your voice be heard on Twitter


Please keep in mind that the roadmap can be subject to change depending on how certain events unfold, and all information included is based on the information available to us at the time of writing. All changes to the roadmap will be noted and we’ll announce changes as they happen - please follow our social media as well as CoinMarketCal

Thank you for your continued support - we look forward to presenting you with further updates as we continue along these milestones. 



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