Tael Ecosystem Roadmap 2020 & Highlights of 2019

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Tael Ecosystem Roadmap 2020

2019 was a transformative year for the Tael ecosystem. Through a combination of KOL marketing, pivotal partnerships, and constant tech progress, we’ve closed out the year with explosive mainstream user growth.

The rising number of Tael Ecosystem participants and real-world usage is not only an exciting benchmark for success but also benefits token holders in multiple ways.

Some of the highlights from 2019:

Growth Numbers

By far our proudest accomplishment is the explosive growth of real-world, mainstream Tael adoption. By the end of last year, the number of non-crypto Tael holders reached over 37,000, with the final quarter of the year seeing a whopping 161.54% of growth (which is over 1000% growth if annualized).

Cumulatively, these everyday consumers and users of Tael are responsible for locking 1,675,485 Tael (1.67% of the total token supply), with 1.03% of the total supply having been locked in Q4 2019 alone!

Through a combination of new partnerships (both in terms of the companies and the types of partnership) and the optimized KOL campaigns that we have coming up, 2019 has been a precursor to the kind of growth we intend to generate in 2020.


We created the Tael Adoption Page. Launched in March 2019, the adoption page is our way of ‘practicing what we preach’. We believe blockchain industry should move from being happy with “has a real product” towards “actually has a growing number of users”. The page allows our community to track our ecosystem’s progress in real-time through a variety of statistics.

The Tael Adoption Page shows real-time statistics on progress

NOTE: This image is out-of-date. Find the latest statistics on our adoption page.

For people new to Tael, our ecosystem description articles have been invaluable to newcomers and long-term supporters alike, explaining important fundamentals of the project and covering the majority of frequently asked questions:

1. Tael’s Business Model
2. Use of Two Blockchains
3. Tael Ecosystem Participants
4. Demand & Supply Drivers

The creation of our two-minute introduction video has also aided in educating newcomers on the Tael ecosystem in a concise manner.

Tael Ecosystem EDIT small

Business Development

The Tael Ecosystem marketplace was awarded ‘Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability’ status by China’s consumer protection body, the first company in China to receive this honor. This official recognition allows us to leverage further collaborations, partnerships, and cooperations.

The Tael Ecosystem is the first company awarded this status

We also finalized a wide array of partnerships across industries to further aid the project, including:

Japan’s largest ecommerce platform

Mitsubishi UFG bank
One of the largest banks worldwide

One of the largest cross-border e-commerce platforms companies in Japan

Nature’s Care
Australia’s third-largest vitamin company

New Zealand Cherry Corp.
Producers of New Zealand’s highest quality cherries

With further partnerships in the pipeline, we’ve created an article explaining the types of partnership the Tael Ecosystem engages in and what they mean for the project:

Upcoming Partnerships: What You Need To Know

We’ve also greatly expanded our presence in Japan, added warehouses in China, and are set to integrate Tael with one of the largest department stores in Asia.


The Tael Ecosystem marketplace has seen a complete overhaul, becoming a WeChat integrated mini-app with a host of new features and a new look.

WeChat is China's number one social applicatio

We also launched our Custom Enterprise Dashboard and detailed the many benefits our partners reap through their participation.

Participating partners reap the benefits of our dashboard

Our anti-counterfeit labels are the cornerstone of the Tael Ecosystem, which is why we published an in-depth look at their production and equipped the latest iteration of our labels with superior chips and dual-frequency capabilities.

Take a look behind the scenes of Tael label creation

Furthermore, we upgraded our warehouse encoding app to facilitate rapid expansion & scaling and created the fundamentals for the soon-to-be-launched enhanced Tael Consumer Scanning App.

This brief overview is simply the tip of the iceberg of 2019 developments. You can find the full list of developments through the quarterly reviews below:

Q1 | All Q1 Milestones Reached; Q2 Roadmap Expanded.

Q2 | Quarterly review: Readying for mass adoption

Q3 | Quarterly review: Traction & The Shrinking Supply of Tael

Q4 | Quarterly Review: Iteration & Streamlining Growth


Roadmap 2020

| Q1 (Ends 31st of March)

Project X — expanding use of Tael from protected products only to all consumer products. Stage 1.

  • User interface v 0.1 — capturing data on FMCG products and consumer behaviour
  • Backend data-analytics platform set — up and productization
  • New technology product for ecosystem business partners

Scanning App

  • Launch of the v3 of consumer scanning app

WeChat Mini-app Improvements:

  • Optimize user experience to accommodate vast portfolio expansion
  • Integrating recommendation engine
  • Smart search functionality
  • Adding gamification elements and reward randomization
Business Development
  • Onboarding new major retail partner w/ dedicated ‘Zone’
  • Obtaining medical license
  • New partnerships in brand new categories
  • Boosting number of KOLs promoting Tael ecosystem
  • Integration with international shopping malls/payment providers (ongoing)
  • Ongoing growth through existing and new brand partnerships
  • Redeveloped website
  • Expanding exchanges infrastructure
  • Major Community campaign promoting new listing(s)
| Q2 (Ends 30th of June)

Project X — expanding use of Tael from protected products only to all consumer products. Stage 2.

  • Location-based analytics and promotion
  • 3rd party FMCG products data integration and aggregation
  • User interface v 1.0 — Heterogenous product data: provenance, ingredients, safety level
  • Blockchain performance optimization

WeChat Mini-app Improvements:

  • Recommendation engine v2
  • Streamlining the ‘zone within a zone’ concept
Business Development
  • Expanding Business development with European and Korean brands and merchants
  • Reaching over 650 SKUs protected by Tael
  • Launching cooperation with medical and medical devices company
  • Ongoing growth through existing and new brand partnerships
  • Team Expansion
  • Expanding exchanges infrastructure
| Q3 (Ends 30th of September)

Project X — expanding use of Tael from protected products only to all consumer products. Stage 3.

  • Individualised targeting and Tael based promo management dashboard for B2B clients
  • Social features
  • AI-driven predictive analytics features for consumer behaviour analysis
  • Massive, heterogenous FMCG products database
  • Safety blockchain ecosystem as a service ver 2.0

Scanning App

  • Launch of v4 of consumer scanning and engagement APP
Business Development
  • Expanding Tael-based consumer engagement services through channel partners
  • Partnering with Pharmaceuticals chain
  • Ongoing growth through existing and new brand partnerships
| Q4 (Ends 31st of December)

Project X — expanding use of Tael from protected products only to all consumer products. Stage 4.

  • User Interface v 2.0 — Heterogenous product data: popularity, reviews pricing, coupons, etc.
  • Open API for 3rd party promo integration
Business Development
  • Adding multiple European brands into Tael ecosystem
  • Ongoing growth through existing and new brand partnerships

Please note that the roadmap may be subject to change and is based on the information available to us at the time of writing. All changes to the roadmap will be noted and we’ll announce changes as they happen.

As always, let your voice be heard on Telegram or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on developments as they occur.

Thank you all for your continued support!

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