Tael Growth in Japan: Expanding to Department Stores

Posted by TaelPay on 11/28/19 7:43 PM
By Q2 of 2020, we expect to take Tael’s presence in Japan to a new level by integrating with one of the largest department stores in Asia - having yearly revenues of almost one billion dollars. A very big share of said revenue comes from inbound tourismand 90% of that is Chinese tourists.
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Enhanced product portfolio, Tael integration, and more...

Statistics taken from the World Tourism Organization and Japan National Tourism Organization show that China not only leads as the world’s largest outbound tourist market, it also accounts for a majority of the 31.2 million overseas visitors to Japan in 2018. This latest collaboration enables us to connect with our Chinese consumers overseas and therefore ushers in a new era of visibility for Tael: connecting with our target market both domestically and now internationally.


What the partnership entails:
  1. Exclusive In-store promotion:
    The mall’s public spaces have not been publicly available to other companies looking to benefit from the exposure. However, the Tael Ecosystem will get exclusive promotional access due to its ‘satellite shop’ relationship with the mall.

  2. Full integration of Tael:
    Taels can be earned for purchases within the mall, and consumers with Tael loyalty points can also spend them in the mall in Japan. It marks the first international Tael payment opportunity for Tael holders.

  3. Department store products protected with Tael technology:
    A new ‘Zone’ will be created within our online marketplace, Techrock, carrying the mall’s most popular and exclusive goods. This means Chinese consumers can purchase online directly from the mall once they're back in China. Each product will be protected with Tael anti-counterfeit technology, ensuring verifiable authenticity, for their delivery from Japan to China. And, when authenticated, they will continue to be rewarded with Tael loyalty points.

This partnership is a designated Merchant Ecosystem Partnership, allowing us to rapidly grow the consumer base we serve by making use of the existing user base of some of the largest retailers in the world.

Tael Partnerships

This partnership is part of a wave of Japan-based Tael partnerships and collaborations, including our participation in the Mitsubishi MFJ Business Accelerator, our Brand Ecosystem Partnership with Wakatsuru sake, and our on-going Merchant Ecosystem Partnership with Rakuten, which yielded hundreds of new, high-demand products for the Tael Ecosystem.

Not quite sure what these different partnership types are? Check out all the details via the link below:

Upcoming Partnerships: What You Need To Know

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via the form below, or join our Telegram group where you can chat with Tael team members.

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