Tael Limits Usage of Growth Fund Supply to 2% of Trading Volume

Posted by TaelPay on 12/17/19 6:59 PM


During some recent discussions with exchange partners, and with some community members, we heard some insecurities around the risks of very quick drawing of the growth fund tokens into circulation.

We heard you and have decided to voluntarily limit usage of Tael growth wallet to 2% of trading volume only.

Tael Growth Fund TW


Many projects have similar funds and all manage it differently. Our approach is similar to how Ripple does it. Limiting the sale of these tokens to 2% of trading volume does not mean that we will necessarily use all of that 2%, it simply means that we will have this amount available to use for growth strategies.

These tokens will be used for anything growth related, for example paying our KOLs, partner promotions and exchange listings. Everyone in the Tael community was looking for growth, you’ve already seen some at adoption.taelpay.com and we look forward to delivering much more.

During an initial discussion on this topic, we’ve received very positive responses in our Telegram community group along with many valuable suggestions. We are extremely grateful for the Tael community's support and continue to work hard on building the Tael ecosystem.

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