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Q3 Quarterly Review: Traction & The Shrinking Supply of Tael

Posted by TaelPay on 11/1/19 2:24 PM


Our third quarter focused on the build-up to significant, explosive traction. Now we’re seeing that traction snowballing in our Tael mainstream consumer adoption statistics.

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Q2 Quarterly Review: Readying for mass adoption

Posted by TaelPay on 6/12/19 4:45 PM


We’re capping off 3 months of major technological and business developments for both Tael & the Tael Ecosystem with the fine-tuning of our blockchain to facilitate variable data access for B2B partners! April kicked off with a stunning showing of participation from our community, allowing us to answer questions from the Binance community through a Telegram AMA. We also saw our supporters spread the word about Tael through in-depth articles and efforts in our Tael Play & Win competition.

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Topics: Quarterly Review

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