Tael Ecosystem awarded 'Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability' status

Posted by TaelPay on 5/29/19 1:05 PM


The Tael Ecosystem, the safe product ecosystem utilizing the Tael token and protecting imported goods with blockchain technology-based anti-counterfeit labels, has been officially inducted by the China Quality Promotion Association (CAQP), supervised by the State Administration for Market Regulation and supported by related departments. Together, we aim to ‘promote quality developments while bringing authentic goods to communities’.

Tael Ecosystem awarded status of 'Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability' by State's Consumer Body

The Tael Ecosystem becomes the first company to acquire this title in the People’s Republic of China

Tael Ecosystem CEO Alex Busarov receives CAQP plaque announcing the company’s position as an ‘Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability’

Tael Ecosystem CEO Alex Busarov receives CAQP plaque announcing the company’s position as an ‘Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability’


Tael Ecosystem awarded ‘Exemplary Company in Imported Product Traceability’ title by Chinas CAQP, the first company to be given this title

We are excited to finally be able to publicize our event and our induction in Beijing, in association with the Development Center for Science and Technology, National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Chinese Association of Market Development IoT Industry Working Committee, and more than 30 additional government officials.

CCTV (China Central Television) created footage of the event:


Tael Ecosystem
CEO Alex Busarov met with Liu Zhaobin, president of CAQP and was bestowed a commemorative plaque cementing the Tael Ecosystem's official position. Together, the Tael Ecosystem and attendants signed strategic cooperation agreements.

Tael and CAQP members at the awards ceremony

This event is a promising leap forward for our position in China. It also fulfils one of our essential milestones for the future.

What this means for us.

This development further cements our credibility with government branches and, most importantly, our consumers.

Receiving exemplary level recognition by an official organization of such ranking allows us to leverage further collaborations, partnerships, and cooperations through the assurance of our safe product ecosystem and token-based loyalty program.

The way forward will see us work together with not just major international brands such as Nestlé, Nature’s Care, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Rakuten, but also create close ties within China itself through official instances. This event and promising talks with the Mayor of Kunming are just the beginning.

Keep an eye on our Adoption Page, as we display our growth and Tael usage publicly. Our reach currently exceeds over 300 cities in China and over 7500 mainstream token holders (as of 12 June 2019).


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