Tael Ecosystem brings Nestlé NAN products to China

Posted by TaelPay on 6/12/19 12:57 PM


Tael Ecosystem is proud to support Nestlé in bringing their latest NAN A2 infant nutrition products to China’s consumer market, safeguarded by Tael technology. The Tael Ecosystem will work closely with H&S, Nestlé’s exclusive cross-border distributor, to assure Chinese consumers receive verifiable authentic Nestlé Australia PTY Ltd products.

Tael Ecosystem brings Nestlé NAN products to China.

The Tael Ecosystem is now an official reseller of Nestlé NAN brand infant formula in China through our collaboration with H&S International (Nestlé’s exclusive cross-border distributor).


Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company, has the highest market share of any infant formula companies in China, employs more than 300,000 people, and makes $91B USD in revenue globally.

Techrock safeguarding Nestle NAN A2 products with authentication technology

Tael technology safeguarding Nestle NAN A2 products with authentication technology

Nestlé Nan A2 products are already shipping to consumers in China, protected by the proprietary anti-counterfeit technology of Tael. With China’s massive demand for Nestlé brand infant formula, more people will be scanning products and collecting + spending Tael loyalty points than ever before.


What is the new NAN A2 product series?

NAN A2 Toddler Milk is the latest premium product line from Nestlé, which officially launched earlier this month at a Nestlé hosted event inside Sydney’s Opera House. Vadim Mishin, the Tael Ecosystem’s Head of Business Development in Australia, attended the exclusive occasion to catch up with Nestlé Oceania NAN Business Development Manager Matthieu Quentin.

Techrock BD Director for Australia Vadim Mishin & Matthieu Quentin BD Manager from Nestlé Oceania NAN at the launch of the NAN A2 product line.

Tael Ecosystem BD Director for Australia Vadim Mishin & Matthieu Quentin BD Manager from Nestlé Oceania NAN at the launch of NAN A2 products


This first collaboration with Nestlé to provide China’s consumer market with the Tael Ecosystem's verifiable authentic Nestlé products has been a long time in the making. We’re excited to finally share it with the community and kick off a new stage of increased adoption.

Nestlé NAN products on the Techrock marketplace


What it means for Tael:

Our technology used on Nestlé products is one of the biggest steps for Tael yet. Usage of Tael loyalty points will add a multitude of benefits to all participants in the ecosystem. As a result, this latest development will propel the real-world usage of the Tael loyalty points to new heights.

The high demand for Nestlé products in China will drive further sales which, in turn, drives adoption. A growing number of consumers will receive Tael loyalty points for buying, scanning, sharing, and other actions. We are creating new Tael holders every day, vastly expanding through partnerships such as this one.

Moreover, this collaboration opens doors for further business development opportunities, primarily in extending the product range protected with our labels and marketing these products using Taels. We have seen a growth of over 280% in mainstream usage in less than two months already and we’re eager to continue forward with this new chapter.

Our aim is to have Tael be one of the most adopted tokens and we’re seeing a clear path to achieving this.


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