Tael Ecosystem onboards Nature’s Care NC Pro products

Posted by TaelPay on 6/12/19 12:51 PM


We are extremely pleased to have successfully wrapped up onboarding the highest-demand Nature’s Care Pro products for consumers in China. The Tael Ecosystem is one of Nature’s Care’s (a giant in the vitamins and supplements industry) valuable authorized resellers, carrying their premium Pro series of health supplements, bolstering the Tael Ecosystem product portfolio with a dozen high-demand SKUs in our first batch of Nature’s Care products.

Tael Ecosystem onboards high-demand NC Pro series from Australia’s third largest vitamin company, Nature’s Care Manufacture Pty Ltd

Tael platform completes onboarding of its initial batch of premium NC Pro health supplements


Tael Ecosystem partners with Nature's Care, the Australian vitamins and supplements company


“We researched various technology-driven platforms, along with many other solutions in anti-counterfeiting, for our cross-border e-commerce business in China. The Techrock (Tael Ecosystem) solution provides everything our business requires to protect our supply chains to Chinese consumers.”
- Nature’s Care Manufacture Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia


Nature’s Care is one of the pioneers of the supplements industry, having recently been valued at A$800M by a Chinese-state backed consortium and providing products to major mainstream retailers such as Coles, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse and Costco. As Chinese consumers become increasingly health conscious, the demand for premium supplements is experiencing explosive growth. With the help of Nature’s Care and their Pro range, we’re able to supply those needs.

The first Nature’s Care Pro products onboarded in our initial batchThe first Nature’s Care Pro products onboarded in our initial batch.

The Pro series of products has already seen success on the Tael Ecosystem marketplace (with each item protected with NFC labels & their event data recorded on the Tael Ecosystem Hyperledger blockchain, making all products verifiably authentic for consumers) and we will continue to onboard new products and expand to additional product categories as we scale and grow.

Nature's Care Pro Series products protected by Tael Ecosystem anti-counterfeiting technology

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