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We are pleased to announce the listing of WABI on CEX.IO! WABI has been listed on CEX.IO after a four-month due diligence process in which CEX.IO has evaluated WABI across a number of key metrics.

Deposits are open now with trading live against USD, with the following developments coming up over the next few days:

  • May 18 — Withdrawals & WABI/EUR trading pair
  • May 20 — WABI/GBP trading pair

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 11.09.33

We are delighted about this listing and look forward to future interactions with the fantastic CEX.IO community!

View the WABI markets on CEX.IO here!


WABI Academy & CEX.IO

CEX.IO and WABI have partnered following this listing to bring the WABI Academy to all exchange users. Our WABI Academy is a place for you to earn tokens by testing and sharing your knowledge of our company. For CEX.IO users, this means earning up to 500 WABI tokens for showcasing their WABI insights. 

The CEX.IO X WABI Academy will be available to users following the complete listing on May 20th. We look forward to seeing you there!


About WABI

WABI is the native token of the Taeltech ecosystem. Taeltech provides brands with a suite of experimentation tools to perfect their consumer & industry insights. In addition to this, Taeltech creates an ecosystem of safe products, using both RFID/NFC and blockchain technology to combat counterfeit products and ensure supply chain transparency.

Taeltech works in cooperation with a long list of companies including Nestle, Rakuten and New Zealand Cherry Corp. Learn more on www.taeltech.com.



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