WABI Monthly Update - May 2020

Posted by The WABI Team on 6/10/20 2:44 AM

Wabi may 2020

Welcome to the first monthly WABI community update. 

It’s been a fantastic month for the WABI team, filled with exciting product launches, partnerships, adoption records and more.

The response from the WABI community has been exceptional and we are incredibly thankful for all the support we continue to receive. We are working hard to ensure that the WABI experience is as smooth as possible for partners, users and followers, and we are continuing along our project roadmap to ensure our goals are reached successfully. 

We hope you enjoy the update below and we look forward to our progress throughout the month of June. 


Token Adoption

  • There are currently 66,678 WABI token holders. Of these 52,082 are active consumers using WABI for day to day transactions, whilst 14,596 are cryptocurrency enthusiasts supporting the WABI ecosystem.


  • The split between active consumers versus cryptocurrency holders of WABI is currently 78:22.

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 13.30.36

  • There are 498 active regions throughout Asia with WABI users completing daily transactions.

Screenshot 2020-06-09 at 13.26.52

  • 175,655 transactions have been completed by WABI consumers as part of the WABI safe-product ecosystem. This is complemented by 13,751 WABI cryptocurrency token transactions. The number of transactions is up over 40% since the launch of Project X in the end of May and shows no signs of slowing down! 

The WABI token adoption statistics have grown significantly in the previous 3 weeks as we have ramped up the use cases of WABI through e.g. the implementation of Project X. This drives the transaction count whilst spreading the value of WABIs safe product ecosystem to regions around the world. In addition to this, the launch of improved barcode scanning features plus a direct product delivery system continues to enhance adoption of the WABI token. 

For an in-depth look at WABI adoption statistics, visit Wabi.io


General Developments

  • This month we excitedly announced the launch of WABI’s Project X. Project X is a suite of powerful consumer engagement tools for brand experimentation and consumer insights - all driven by the WABI incentive token. Project X introduced two new products into the WABI family - User Base Lab and Data Bank - allowing partners to collect data for rapid marketing experimentation. Learn more about Project X here and check out the Project X focused AMA with the WABI founders.

    Project X is a hugely influential tool for Taeltech as well as the WABI token. Brands involved with Project X deploy surveys using the WABI token via the User Base Lab and receive feedback that they can use to inform decisions around product and marketing strategy. With Project X opening up the Taeltech technology to a far wider platform of brands, this significantly enhances the usage and adoption of WABI (as evident by the adoption numbers).
    Taeltech x Odakyu announcement-2
  • Taeltech, the company behind WABI, partnered with Odakyu Department Store to serve Chinese customers across their department stores. As one of the largest retailers in the world, with over 50m visitors a year, this is a significant partnership for us and a testament to the hard work being done by our team. To read the full announcement, head over to the Taeltech blog! This introduces WABI to a large number of new users whilst further driving our mission of creating a safe-product ecosystem for consumers and brands to interact transparently.


  • In May we also rolled out an optimised barcode scanning system and reward algorithm to a new wave of active consumers across China. This resulted in over 2000 WABI transactions in the first day, together with a +40% increase in total WABI transactions since May 21st! The above growth in WABI transactions was further expanded by our launch of a D2C (direct delivery) product offering, bringing authenticated products straight to users across China.


  • As part of Project X, we have developed a range of new surveys tools for unique consumer insights and purchasing data. These tools allow us to engage directly with consumers at the most direct levels, providing us with extremely accurate insights into consumption patterns of consumers across Asia. These are developed around WABI, with brands deploying WABI to create and distribute surveys. We’re incredibly excited by the number of exciting studies in circulation and we are eager to share the results with you. We’ve completed the first range of survey insights, available on Taeltech Insights. Stay tuned - more will be published soon!
    Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 11.09.33
  • WABI was listed on CEX.IO this month, with trading pairs against USD, EURO and GBP. This listing occurred after an intensive four month due diligence process in which CEX.IO has evaluated WABI across a number of key metrics. We are excited about this listing and look forward to future interactions with the CEX.IO community, with a unique WABI Academy initiative to be announced soon.


  • The team is growing! This month we hired 1 full-timer and 2 part-timers to join our team in Shanghai. We’re incredibly excited about the growing WABI family and we’re eager to welcome more newcomers to our team. If you’re interested in our mission of creating a transparent safe-product ecosystem, send us an email!


What’s Next? 

Whilst many milestones have been achieved in the month of May, there’s no slowing down. With further partnership announcements, product improvements and marketing initiatives to be announced in the coming months, we’re at an exciting stage of the WABI journey. 

WABI is built around partnerships and with the launch of Project X, as well as a number of key partnerships, WABI is in a prime position for growth. As evident by the growing adoption numbers, WABI is quickly cementing its position as a trusted leader within the safe-product ecosystem.

To discuss our progress and upcoming milestones, reach out to us on Twitter - we’ll be on hand for any discussions. 

Stay tuned!

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