Wakatsuru to apply Tael technology

Posted by TaelPay on 10/14/19 4:58 PM


Wakatsuru, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hokuriku Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Ltd. and one of the few saké breweries owning a distillery in Japan, will be placing Tael anti-counterfeit technology on products exported to the China market. Consumers will benefit from verifiable product authenticity while also receiving Tael with every scan.


Wakatsuru, a Hokuriku  COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO LTD subsidiary, to apply Tael technology

Partnership heralds the first alcohol products protected by Tael sold inside the expanded Tael Ecosystem


Through this partnership, we’re able to leverage Wakatsuru’s sales network to vastly expand the size and reach of the Tael Ecosystem, exposing the Tael token and anti-counterfeit technology to millions of whisky and saké drinkers.


The Wakatsuru brand has been manufacturing saké for over 150 years

This means we’re extending the Tael ecosystem to all other retail channels and platforms, with high-demand Wakatsuru products appearing in stores throughout China, their authenticity safeguarded by Tael Blockchain + NFC technology and allowing Tael massive exposure by tapping into the Hokuriku Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Ltd. sales infrastructure network.



The partnership allows Tael to spread far beyond the Tael Ecosystem itself

The Wakatsuru partnership also signifies a new milestone for the Tael Ecosystem: expanding to the alcohol products category. We’re honored to be protecting products manufactured by this historic institution, which was founded in 1862 and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hokuriku Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Ltd.


Umesky is a flagship Wakatsuru product, imported into China equipped with the Tael anti-counterfeit label


Tael X Japan

Some of the China consumer market’s most-imported products hail from Japan, and Tael has been fostering its relationship with the island through partnerships with Mitsubishi Financial Group, Inagora, Wakatsuru and, of course, Rakuten.

The Tael Ecosystem is now home to over 250 different products, with Wakatsuru products being the first of many more to be sold in the expanded Tael Ecosystem. Breaching the alcohol products category is in addition to our continuously advancing partnership with Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten, currently hosting more than 80 products in our platform’s dedicated Rakuten Zone.


Leveraging the existing sales networks of our B2B partners allows for exposure
of the Tael token, Tael anti-counterfeit technology, and Tael ecosystem to potentially millions of new users with every partnership. These collaborations are a key element in the Tael project’s growth plan, and we’ll be sharing more as we finalize further B2B developments.

Wakatsaru is one of several partnerships currently blossoming. Stay tuned for more.


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